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Episode three starts off with Umaru spending time with a couple such friends.

One is Kirie Motoba, Umaru’s classmate, and the other is Alex Tachibana, a coworker of Taihei’s who found a kindred spirit in Umaru.

The episode is mostly about Umaru’s relationship with her friends and how they view each other.

The top performing student at school, at home, Umaru relies completely on her older brother, Taihei, as she spends her days staying up late playing video games, watching anime, drinking cola, and eating snacks.

Despite keeping this dual life a secret from most people, Umaru does have some friends she has allowed to see the otaku side of her—although not many people are aware that the “Perfect” Umaru and “Slob” Umaru are the same person.

*5 min later* we regret to inform you that dd made a cult ending demonising a bi man." Another user suggested that the cult ending is homophobic, saying "Hey so Dream Daddy has sexual assault, weird religious homophobia other really bad bullshit in it so, uh, Bye".

One user tweeted out, "HI YEAH JOSEPHS CULT ENDING IS COOL AS FUCK, PLEASE DON'T PUT DOWN PEOPLE BC THEY LIKE IT." Others users want to play the game more after finding out about the ending, whereas some call to boycott it, or even encourage others to download the game illegally.

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But as dramatic as the cult ending might be for visual novels in the Western world, it's not necessarily unexpected of a visual novel.

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