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Once Missandei and Grey Worm actually start having sex, the scene couldn’t be more woman-focused.As we watch Grey Worm kiss his way down Missandei’s body, everything feels like a traditional sex scene.

Just as last year, accusations that the show takes sexual violence lightly and declarations of breaking up with But while I agreed with the critics of the Lannister rape scene last year, this time around, I believe that, while it was horrible to witness a beloved and innocent character like Sansa get raped, it didn't feel gratitutous or unserious.

Miranda feels really flattered when a gorgeous man in the adjacent building goes from flirting to stripping at the window, but when she meets him learns his eye is on a male tenant one floor below hers.

another Internet rage-fest over having to witness another major female character suffer a rape.

Unlike with last year's twincest rape, the director of this episode is quite clear that what we're witnessing is, in fact, a rape.

It wasn't played off as rough sex, but as a deliberate act of dominance.

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Before fans were invested in the complex political machinations of Westeros and all of its epic storylines, they were probably drawn in by all of the titillating sexposition on screen.

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